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To ensure compliance in all our actions with our CBTA Policy, the Management of DGM FLORIDA has established and implemented a management system based on the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard “CBTA Management System” for face-to-face training activities, online training, mixed training and consulting-auditing for training activities.

From our point of view, the quality of training is to do things well applying common sense, in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost. Quality is equated with effectiveness and efficiency, always meeting the expectations of our customers, CBTA Apprentices and other interested parties, such as Competent Authorities or International Sectoral Organizations.

The concept of quality of training is associated both with the capacity of the educational institution to transmit competences, and of the people trained within it to implement them in their professional activity.

Quality improvement means offering comprehensive, relevant and useful training that meets the needs of users and significantly transforms the apprentice’s career opportunities and therefore puts priority not only on the “immediate customer” who is the apprentice, but also on the “external customer”, who are our main customers. To all this is added the commitment to comply with all legal requirements and the commitment to continuous improvement in all our processes as a guarantee of success and permanence in the market.

The CBTA Policy of DGM FLORIDA, is based on the following commitments:
• Comply with all requirements, whether legal, contractual or otherwise, that are applicable due to our activity, in the scope of the performance of our services and our activities, so that our action in no case may contravene the legal requirements and specifications established by the different public administrations.
• Carry out our work within a management environment that guarantees continuous improvement in our processes, in our methods of action and in our relations with stakeholders, through the establishment and periodic review of our CBTA objectives.
• Achieve and improve the satisfaction of the apprentice by executing what is indicated in the Quality Management System actively working to exceed their expectations.
• Effectively control all our processes, with special emphasis on relationships with trainees and other stakeholders; compliance with and control of requirements related to training programs; and the maintenance of our resources and facilities in perfect condition in the functional aspect.
• Raise awareness and train both our internal staff and the most relevant collaborators.
• Analyze the context of our organization, to identify risks and opportunities establishing actions to address them.