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Dangerous Goods Services

DGM Florida offers a full suite of expert services guaranteed to provide you with the safety and peace of mind you need when transporting dangerous goods by air, water, or land. These comprehensive services include the following:


When it comes to working with hazardous materials and cargo, documentation is just as important as the physical handling of the dangerous goods themselves.

Without proper documentation, every individual in the supply chain who comes into contact with a shipment–whether on one of your sites or down the line–is essentially working blind. Which puts them at considerable risk of injury or even death.

Packaging Solutions

In order to ensure the safety of all parties and the integrity of the contents, it’s critical that your hazardous materials be properly packaged before they are transported.

For dangerous goods, the standards for this kind of packaging are of course particularly high. Not only do shipments need to be packed securely, but also in a way that is compatible with the type of rig that will carry it to its next destination.

Crating Solutions

Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes. Which can make it a challenge to identify and execute on the proper crating solution for your shipment to ensure that it withstands the rigors of domestic and international transport.

Our skilled in-house professionals understand these challenges better than most, and can mobilize to any location to secure and pack your freight in a way that keeps it safe and sound.

Lithium Ion Battery Packing

As seen in the headlines, the shipping of lithium ion batteries and devices containing these batteries is highly regulated due to the possibility of rapid-discharge issues that can result in either overheating or explosion.

The regulations surrounding this specialized cargo evolve constantly to keep up with technological advancements, making it all the more critical to deal with professionals who understand them.


When it comes to dangerous goods that are either being held for a period of time or transitioning from one link in the supply chain to another, not all warehousing solutions are created equal.

It’s important to work with experienced professionals who understand the unique environmental and structural challenges presented by storing hazardous materials, and who have access to properly equipped facilities that can handle them.

On-Site Services

Keeping your business running smoothly means focusing on your customers, not worrying about every detail of your packaging and crating needs. That’s why our mobile on-site experts come to you, equipped and ready to go with all necessary materials.

No matter how cumbersome or fragile your dangerous goods freight may be, we will assess the scope of work, address any unique challenges, prefabricate solutions on the spot as needed, and ensure that every aspect of your shipment is safe and secure for transport.